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In this category we include all type of Projects & Dissertation Reports for B.Ed and M.Ed students. You will get the project report through mail from our side within 24 Hrs of your order.

B. Ed Project Topics

  1. Study of the strategy used by Sanjivini
  2. Role of Secondary Education in India
  3. Comparative study of Sri Aurobindo and Jiddu krishnamurti’s Educational Philosophy
  4. Comparison and relationship between Reading Habit and Reading Ability
  5. Early Childhood care and Education in Haryana
  6. Education System in Haryana
  7. Effective team Building in relation to organizational culture and organizational climate in India
  8. Effectiveness of picture exchange communication system on communicating the daily needs of children with autism master of education
  9. Impact and use of resources by the student in central library and information science
  10. Study of Job Satisfaction among Teachers
  11. Job satisfaction in relation to personality of senior secondary school teachers
  12. Perception of students & teachers of govt. and private secondary schools on co-curricular activities
  13. Perception of students & towards co-curricular activities elementary education
  14. Personality traits of children of working and non working mothers in High Schools
  15. Status of secondary Education in India and Road ahead
  16. Usage Pattern of online Journals and Printed Journal
  17. Systematic Study on School Management and Teacher Staff selection Process
  18. Effectiveness of Coaching Classes
  19. Completed Project Innovative Pedagogy In Management Education
  20. Perception of students towards curricular activities
  21. Study of Satisfaction Levels of Teaching, Non-teaching Staff
  22. Right-to-Education-is-a-Universal-Entitlement-to-Education
  23. Research on Evolution of Online Education in India
  24. Study of Job Satisfaction among Teachers
  25. Perception of Educational Institutions towards Educian School Management Software
  26. Study on Student’s Satisfaction of Fostiima Business School

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What We Offer in LLB Projects

  1. Project Topics and Ideas

Choosing the right topic is crucial for your B.Ed. project. We provide a wide range of topics that are relevant and impactful. Our topics cover various aspects of education, including Innovative Teaching Methods, Educational Technology, Classroom Management, Special Education, Curriculum Development, Educational Psychology.

  1. Detailed Project Reports

Our project reports are comprehensive and detailed, covering all the essential components required for a successful B.Ed. project. Each report includes Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Analysis, Conclusion, References.

  1. Practical Implementation Guides

We provide practical implementation guides that help you apply theoretical concepts in real world classroom settings. These guides are designed to enhance your understanding and provide hands-on experience.

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Our support doesn’t end with project delivery. We are always here to help with any questions or issues you may have. Our team is always available to assist you throughout your academic journey

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