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Top MBA Finance Projects Topics

  1. Study on Futures and Options Markets in India
  2. Study on Gold as an Investable Commodity 
  3. Study on Impact Of Corruption On FDI Inflows In India
  4. The Impact Of The Money Supply On Economic Growth In India
  5. Perception On Determinants Of Capital Structure Of The Business Enterprises In Delhi NCR
  6. A Study on Impact of Mobile Payment with special reference to Youths
  7. Perspective Of People Towards Financial Inclusion And Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  8. MBA Finance Project on Financial Literacy Among The Different Economics Classes In India
  9. Study on Wealth Creation of an individual according to their risk appetite
  10. MBA Finance Project on Role of Insurance in Minimizing Business Risk
  11. Risk Analysis of E-Banking Operations At Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
  12. Study of Investment Management at UBER
  13. Study of Venture Capital at Makino Auto Industries
  14. MBA Finance Project on Merger and Acquisition in JSW Ispat (MBA Finance)
  15. Study on Need of financial advisor for Mutual Fund Investors
  16. Impact of GST On FMCG (Hindustan Unliver Limited)
  17. Study on Planning, Controlling and Budgeting at Accenture
  18. A Study on operational risk management and related concepts
  19. Comparative Study of Investment Avenue with respect to Equity and Mutual Funds
  20. GST And Its Effect on MNC Manufacturing Companies (MBA Finance)
  21. Comparative Study on Home Loans Between PSU Banks And Private Banks
  22. MBA Finance Project on Current Trend in GST with reference of Real Estate Industry in India
  23. Study on Role of IT in Banking Sector.
  24. Study of Working Capital Management of Organization
  25. Study to Assess the Perception of Mutual Fund Investors
  26. Comparative Study of BSE and NSE With Special Reference of Risk and Return
  27. MBA Finance Project on Different Option Strategy 
  28. Analysis-of-Financial-Statement-Kirloskar
  29. A Project Report on FDI and Its Impact in India 
  30. Analysis of investor perception, apprehension and decision making in Indian stock markets (MBA Finance Project)
  31. Camel Framework evaluation of India Banks
  32. Study Of Loans And Advances With Reference Of Apex Bank      
  33. Study of Cash management in SBI
  34. Impact of GST on Hotel Industry, Tourism and Travel Industry
  35. Analysis of Channel Partner different Life Insurance Company (Private Sector)
  36. Analysis of Global Equity Markets 
  37. Analysis of ICICI Bank Marketing & Finance
  38. Analysis of Insurance Industry in India (MBA Finance Project)
  39. Analysis of Revenue and Expenditure at Citi Financial 
  40. Analysis of the Emerging Scenario of Life Insurance
  41. Assessment Study of Mortgage Training in Financial Institutions
  42. Comparative Study of NPA in Indian Banks 
  43. Comparative analysis of Axis Bank with Other bank
  44. Study of Mutual Funds in India (MBA Finance Project)
  45. Empirical study on performance of mutual fund in India
  46. Rationale, Positive and Negative Effects and Scope of Consolidation of Banking Sector IN India (MBA Finance Project)
  47. Analysis of Investor Perception, Apprehension and Decision Making in Indian Stock Markets
  48. Study of Capital Management (MBA Finance Project)
  49. Study of Cash Management in SBI
  50. Comparative analysis of HDFC Bank with ICICI bank
  51. Study of Portfolio construction (MBA Finance)
  52. Study of Mutual Funds in India
  53. Empirical study on performance of Mutual Fund in India
  54. Study of Financial Statement using Ratio Analysis
  55. MBA Finance Project on Financial Planning For Individual Investor
  56. Perception of Prudent CAS Investors Towards Mutual Funds
  57. MBA Finance Project on Housing Finance Sector
  58. MBA Finance Project on Mortgage Loans In India
  59. Income Tax Planning with respect to Individual Assessee
  60. Investment Pattern of Salaried People
  61. Study of Investment Analysis of Individuals
  62. MBA Finance Project on Ratio Analysis of Organization.
  63. Study of Portfolio Management Services
  64. Study of Future Wealth Management
  65. A Study Of Reverse Mortgage Scheme In India
  66. Study on Risk Perception and Portfolio Management of Equity Investors in India
  67. Study Of Awareness & Knowledge About Wealth Management Among Individuals
  68. MBA Finance Project on Impact of Corruption on FDI inflows in India
  69. Perception on determinants of Capital Structure of the business enterprises
  70. Study on Futures and Options Markets in India
  71. MBA Finance Project on Receivable Management in Organization
  72. Study on Equity Analysis of Company
  73. Comparative study on ULIP Plans and Mutual funds at Aditya Birla Sun life.
  74. Study of Risk and Return Investment Valuation for Working Capital Management at BHEL
  75. Study of Investment Management at Uber (MBA Finance Project)
  76. Study on Customer Decision Making towards Life Insurance with reference of the leading Solutions.
  77. Perception and Attitude on Digital Payment Among Urban Customers
  78. MBA Finance Project on Effects of Demonetization on Tourism in Chandigarh
  79. Study of Financial Statement using Ratio Analysis
  80. MBA Finance Project on Financial Planning for Individual Investor
  81. Perception of Prudent CAS Investors towards Mutual Funds
  82. Bharti Teletech Limited Documentation and Profitability Analysis in Financial Reporting
  83. Study of Housing Finance Sector
  84. Study Of Mortgage Loans in India
  85. MBA Finance Project on Capital Budgeting IOCL
  86. MBA Finance Project on Investment pattern of salaried people
  87. Capital Market Investor’s Behaviour on Stock Market at Religare Securities
  88. Finance Project on Investment Avenues Analysis
  89. Finance Project on Capital Structure & Share Holders Return
  90. Capital Structure & Shareholders return Study of listed Indian Companies
  91. Study of Ratio Analysis of Organization
  92. MBA Project on Capital Structure of Hero Honda Motors
  93. Project on Cash Management at NTPC BTPS
  94. Study of Merger and Acquisition (MBA Finance Project)
  95. Micro insurance: Perception and Need of Low-Income Group
  96. Finance Project on NPA comparison of Private & Public banks.
  97. Finance Project on Commodity Future Trading- From various angles
  98. Study of Portfolio management Services
  99. comparative analysis of Personal Loan policies of CBOP with other institutions
  100. Comparative Analysis of Stock Brokers in Delhi at PL India
  101. Comparative Analysis of Various Banks in India Standard Chartered Bank
  102. Comparative Study of Growth Oriented Balanced Funds of Various Companies
  103. Comparative Study of Growth Oriented Funds with Special Reference to ING VYSYA Mutual Funds
  104. Project on Comparison of Indian Gaap and IFRS
  105. Comparison of Market Share in Credit Cards Public Sector Banks Vs Private Sector Banks
  106. Comparative Analysis of Pension Plans in India
  107. Comparative Study of Risk & Return an Industry Analysis
  108. Consolidation in Banking Industry Merger & Acquisitions
  109. Corporate Finance Impact of Dividend on Market Share Price 
  110. Corporate Governance in Indian Banking
  111. MBA Project on Role of Financial Institution in Capital Market in India
  112. Credit Card Account Number and Bank Routing Number Validation Technology
  113. Credit Processing Agency and Reduction of Turnaround Time
  114. MBA Project on Credit Risk Management with Respect to PNB
  115. Credit Risk Modeling ING VYSYA Bank (MBA Finance Project)
  116. MBA Project on Crisis Management (MBA Finance Project)
  117. Current Scenario in Housing Finance P&N Bank
  118. Derivative Trading in Indian Capital Market
  119. MBA Project on Determinants of Bank Profitability in India, Comparative Study Between Private Sector & Public Sector Banks
  120. Study of Future Wealth Management (MBA Finance Project)
  121. Study on Risk Perception and Portfolio Management of Equity Investors in India
  122. Finance Project on Effect of Inflation on Indian Companies
  123. A Study of Reverse Mortgage Scheme in India
  124. Effect of Reliance Money on Stock Market in India
  125. Finance Project on Effects of Mergers & Acquisitions on the Performance of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
  126. Effects of RBI Guidelines for the Development of Banking Sector
  127. Efficiency and Usefulness of debt recovery Tribunals – An Analysis of DEBT Recovery Tribunals and their Efficacy
  128. Emergence of Insurance Brokers in Insurance Industry Opportunities and Challenges
  129. Finance Project on Equity Diversified Mutual Funds (MBA Finance Project)
  130. Study on Risk Perception and Portfolio Management of Equity Investors in India
  131. Exporters and Importers Finance in International Bank Trade Current Trends on Availability and Financing Requirements of Indian Exporters and Importers (Payal)
  132. Study of Awareness & Knowledge about Wealth Management among Individuals
  133. Financial Analysis and Working Capital Management of Ranbaxy Laboratories
  134. Project on Financial Analysis HLL Ltd Colgate Palmolive
  135. Financial Analysis Mangalam Cement Ltd Financial Statement Analysis
  136. Study Equity Analysis with Respect to Banking Sector
  137. MBA Project on Financial Crisis in Ireland & Greece (MBA Finance Project)
  138. Financial Implications, Procedures & Bottlenecks in Marble Import Business Amit Marbles 
  139. Financial Research Analysis of Real Estate and Infrastructure Companies
  140. Study of Merchant Banking in India
  141. Study Of Financial Planning & Portfolio Management
  142. Foreign Exchange Risk Management in Indian Corporations in Indian Corporations
  143. Foreign Trade Indian Foreign Trade in Software Industries
  144. MBA Finance Project on Foreign Exchange Documentation
  145. Project on Forex Currency & Interest Rate Futures
  146. Study of Investment Analysis of Investors (MBA Finance Project)
  147. Finance Project on Fundamental & Technical Analysis of GMS Infrastructures Ltd
  148. Fundamental analysis of Tata Steel Jindal Steel and Essar Steel
  149. Funding of Mergers & Acquisitions from Indian Context
  150. Future & Options Trading in Indian Stock Market
  151. Future of Mutual Fund in India
  152. Future of Wealth Management in India
  153. Future Trends & Prospects of E-Banking in India
  154. Gender Based Investment Trends in Online Share Trading Kotak Securities
  155. Finance Project on Gold as an Investible Commodity
  156. Project on Micro Finance in India
  157. Gross Domestic Product Facts, Figures & Policies
  158. Growth in Mutual Fund Industry a Comparative Study of India and U.S. Literature Review
  159. Valuing Companies Using Different Valuation Models in the Wake of Recession
  160. Study of Indian Banking System
  161. Mortgage Loans in India with Respect to HSBC Bank
  162. Customers The Study of the Post Sales Experience of Home Loan Customers
  163. Housing Finance Companies Operating HDFC Comparative Analysis Housing Finance Companies Operating in Lucknow Region
  164. Project on Housing Finance in India a Comparative Study
  165. How Dividend Works for Investors (MBA Finance Project)
  166. Global An Analytical Services of Wealth Management Services at HSBC
  167. Finance Project on ICICI Home -Loans
  168. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Limited of Working Capital Management System
  169. Finance Project on Impact  of  Online Trading on Stock Market
  170. Impact of Company’s Fundamentals on its Share Price
  171. Impact of Corporate Governance on Company Valuation TCS & Infosys
  172. Impact of Crude Oil on Global Economy (MBA Finance Project)
  173. Impact of Dividend on Market Share Price
  174. Impact of Financial Crisis on Indian & Global Economy
  175. Analysis of Cost Reduction Techniques in Automobile
  176. Impact of Foreign Institutional Investments on Indian Mutual Funds
  177. Project on Impact of Monetary Policy on Real Estate
  178. Impact of Plastic Money on Broad Money in India
  179. Impact of Sub Prime Crisis on Asian Economy
  180. Impact of Subprime Crisis on Indian Banking Industry
  181. Credit Rating System of Federal Bank Limited (MBA Finance Project)
  182. India’s Trade & Investment Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa
  183. Indian Economic Growth & Changes
  184. Bank Credit Risk Modelling ING VYSYA BANK
  185. Finance In International Trade Current Trends on Availability and Financing Indian Exporters and Importers (MBA Finance Project)
  186. Finance Project on International Financial Management
  187. International Trade Finance Applicant Marketing American Express Bank
  188. Investing in Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  189. Investment Pattern of Small Investors and Financial Advisory Business in India
  190. MBA Finance Project on Investment of Mutual Fund NFOs
  191. A Study on Commodities and Online Trading in Commodities  Kotak Securities
  192. Study of Debtor Management (MBA Finance Projects)
  193. Comparative Study: Risk Management in Banks
  194. Loan A Perspective on Loan Default and Debt Collection by Banks
  195. Loan Processing & Dues Collection Policies in Bank of India
  196. MBA Finance Project on Loans for Young Professionals for Citi Financial
  197. Mahindra Finance Mutual Funds a Comparative Study of Lump sum Investment & SIP
  198. Marketing of Micro Credit Products & Its Linkage with Rural Poverty Removal
  199. MBA Project on Mergers and Acquisitions
  200. Methods for Improving Revenue from Clients in J P Morgan
  201. Micro Finance in India the Study of Effectiveness of Microfinance in India
  202. MBA Finance Project on Micro Finance
  203. Micro Credit in India Microfinance as a Powerful Poverty Fighting Tool
  204. MBA Finance Project on Middle Class Banking Habits in India
  205. Modern Trade an Evolutionary Channel Purchase Patterns and Execution Standards
  206. Monetary Policy of India
  207. Mortgage Loans in India with Respect to HSBC Bank
  208. MBA Finance Project on Mutual Funds (Equity Diversified) Vs Equity
  209. Mutual Funds an Empirical Study on Mutual Funds Industry in India
  210. Need And Relevance of Mergers and Acquisitions in I.T. Industry
  211. New investment opportunities and perform in-depth industry and competitor research for IFCI Venture Capital Funds
  212. A Corporate Image of the National Thermal Power Corporation
  213. Working Capital Management & Ratio Analysis at P&G
  214. MBA Finance Project on Pension Plan UTI-Micro Pension Plan
  215. Performance Appraisal of Axis Mutual Fund
  216. Portfolio & Wealth Management at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  217. Portfolio Investment for Suresh Rathi Securities
  218. Portfolio Management Services –An Investment Option
  219. MBA Finance Project on Post Dated Cheques and Electronic Clearing System
  220. MBA Finance Project on Price War in the Telecom Sector in India
  221. MBA Finance Projects on Private Equity in Education Sector
  222. Private Equity-India as a Growing Hub
  223. Project Appraisal & Financing Techniques Used by Banks and NBFC’s
  224. MBA Finance Project on PSU Banks Improving Customer Service in PSU Banks in Delhi
  225. MBA Finance Project on Punjab National Bank, Banking Industry in India
  226. Punjab National Bank Impact of Future and Option Market on Cash Market
  227. MBA Finance Project on Real Estate Finance (MBA Finance Project)
  228. MBA Finance Project on Real Estate Finance DLF
  229. Real Estate Finance Krishna Apra Group
  230. MBA Finance Project on Recession and Its Impact on Indian Exports
  231. Reducing Banking Frauds Using Modern Technology
  232. Reliance Money Effect of Reliance Money on Stock Market in India
  233. Study the Risk and Return Associated with Knowledge Transfer
  234. Emerging Trends for Managing the Risk in Foreign Exchange
  235. MBA Finance Project on Risk Management by Brokerage FIRMS
  236. Risk Management in Derivatives Market – How to Minimize Risk in Derivatives
  237. Risk Management in Indian Banking System
  238. MBA Project on Robust Growth in the Usage of Plastic Money
  239. Role of Mutual Fund in the Changing Scenario in India
  240. Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development in Haryana (MBA Finance Projects)
  241. Finance Project on SBI Mutual Fund
  242. Comparative Study of SBI Mutual Fund Schemes and other Mutual Fund Companies Schemes in State Bank of India 
  243. Share Khan Online Trading in Stock Market
  244. MBA Finance Project on Finance Project on Stock Exchange
  245. Study of the Efficacy of the Debt Recovery Tribunal in NPA Recovery
  246. Study on Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on the Indian Retail Sector
  247. An Analysis of the Impact of Uncertainty on Futures & options Markets in India
  248. Study on Performance of Mutual Fund among Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap Scheme
  249. Study on Awareness of Investment in Equity Trading and Financial Assets
  250. Analysis of Investment Returns, Risks, Regulations, and Market Dynamics of Gold Bonds, Government Bonds, ETFS, Equity, and Cryptocurrencies for Informed Decision-Making
  251. Study on Credit Underwriting and Loan Approval Process in Commercial (Well Established Banks and in NBFC’s/Fintech’s
  252. Study on Impact of Implementation of GST among Retailers
  253. Study on the effects on Covid-19 on Digital Transactions in India
  254. Analysis of the Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Financial Markets
  255. Effect Of Inflations on Indian Companies (MBA Finance Project)
  256. A Role of Financial Audit and Management Audit in An Engineering Company
  257. Instruments in Foreign Trade: An Overview
  258. Study on Financial Instruments
  259. Evolution Of Crypto Currency and Its Impact In International Trade And Finance
  260. Study on Securing E-Payment Transactions an In-Depth Analysis of Threats and Countermeasures against Frauds (MBA Finance Project)
  261. Study On Cost Analysis of Tractor Dealer with Reference to Shivaraj Tractor
  262. Assessing the Potential of Digital Currencies issued by Central Bank (CBDC’s)
  263. Study of Middle-Class Banking Habits in India (MBA Finance Project)
  264. Exploring the role of Credit Rating Agencies in assessing Government Bond
  265. Study on Robo Advisors and Wealth Management
  266. Study on the Performance of Banks in Priority Sector Lending followed by Any 3 Private (HDFC Axis and ICICI) And 3 Public Sectors (SBI Canara and PNB) Banks
  267. The Rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCS) And Their Implications Examining Motivations and Analyzing Potential Impacts on The Financial System
  268. Study on UPI and its impact on Investment Behavior IN Student Community
  269. Venture Capital Fund in India an Appraisal of Working
  270. Research Report on Scope of Wealth Management (MBA Finance Project)
  271. Wealth Management & Private Banking Deutsche Bank
  272. Wealth Management in India with a Prior Focus on Real Estate & Mutual Fund
  273. Wealth Management Scope of Wealth Management in Delhi and NCR
  274. MBA Project on Wealth Management System in HDFC Bank
  275. MBA Finance Project on Wealth Management Wealth Management System at HSBC
  276. Where To Invest-ULIP or Mutual Funds an Investor’s Guide
  277. Study on Working Capital in Kotak Mahindra Group (MBA Finance Project)
  278. A Comparative Study on Working Capital Management in Steel Authority of India Limited
  279. MBA Project on Working Capital in United Spirits
  280. Working Capital Management Artemis Medicare Services

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