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Here, you can find the most suitable LLB project topics for law research that will help you excel in your project submission needs.

In this category we include all type of Law Projects & Dissertation Reports for LLB and LLM Students. You will get the project report through mail from our side within 24 Hrs of your order.

LLM Project Topics

  1. Law of Contract
  2. Disputes Resolution Of WTO In Comparison With ICSID
  3. Study on The Jurisdictional Issues In Cyberspace-Indian & International Approach
  4. A Study on The Jurisdictional Issues In Cyberspace-Indian& International Approach-Final
  5. Abetment as A Crime
  6. An analysis of Financial Crisis through Corporate Law Governance
  7. Study on Capital Punishment
  8. Comparative View Of Anti Corruption Law
  9. Copyright and Media Laws Thesis 109p
  10. Copyright and Trademark Infringement A Comparative Analysis
  11. Copyright in Digital Era
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility towards Climate Change an Analysis Law Thesis 116p
  13. Critical Analysis of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016
  14. Anti- Competitive Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  15. Basic structure of Doctrine with End Notes
  16. An Analytical Study on Political Corruption in India in last 10 years
  17. Alleviation of Industrial Sickness amongst Sick Industrial Companies Through Legal Dispensations
  18. Analyzing Pre and Post Merger Position of HDFC Bank with Centurion Bank of Punjab Law Thesis 189p.
  19. Analysis of Cyber Law With Focus on Data Protection
  20. Analytical Study Of Law Related To Prevention of Oppression & Mismanagement under Companies Act, 1956.
  21. Development of International Criminal Law
  22. Disputes Resolution of WTO In Comparison With ICSID
  23. Emerging Trend in Digital Copyright Law
  24. Environmental laws in India
  25. Fair Use and Creative Freedom-113pgs
  26. Feminism and Justice – Report
  27. Gender Discrimination- Sabrimala Case
  28. Geographical Indication as an Intellectual Property Right
  29. Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System In India
  30. Imposition of President Rule in State
  31. A Critical Study of Financial Crisis through Corporate Law Governance
  32. Sexual Violence against Women with Special Reference to Rape in India

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