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TOP MBA Healthcare Project Topics

  1. Study Hospital Acquired Infection: Management, Prevention & Control at CARE Hospital
  2. Study on Patient Flow Management in OPD (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  3. Patient Satisfaction Towards the OPD (Outpatient Department)
  4. Study On Improvement in Job Satisfaction of Govt Hospital Employees
  5. Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Towards Health Care Products
  6. Study on Nursing Audit (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  7. Study on high-risk groups prone to Diabetes with heart attack with reference to any different Hospital Bangalore
  8. A Study on Impact of Emotional Labour in Physician or Hospital Staff in Private Hospital (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  9. An Analysis of Top Management of Hospital with Special Emphasis on CEO From Administration or from Medical Background
  10. Biomedical waste management in a hospital recommendation for safe Environment
  11. General Waste Management at Fortis (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  12. To study Hospital Acquired Infection: Management, Prevention & Control
  13. Patient Flow Management in OPD (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  14. Study on TQM in Hospital Service Process
  15. Study On Patient Satisfaction Towards the OPD (Out Patient Department)
  16. Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare workers
  17. Policy on Bio-Medical Equipment Management and Its Importance
  18. Role of CRM Software in the Improvement of Lead Management System in Healthcare Industry
  19. Study of Patient Experiences towards Outpatient and Inpatient Services of Multispecialty Private Hospital
  20. Study of Insurance in Tertiary Care Centre (MBA Healthcare Projects)
  21. Study on Operation Planning and Scheduling System of Patients in Healthcare Sector
  22. Audit on the Informed Consents A Study as a part of the Quality Assurance Program of the Hospital
  23. The impact of quality improvement initiatives on healthcare quality: an investigation into the implementation of evidence- based practices, patient safety and reduction of medical errors.

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