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MBA Marketing Projects Title

  • Brand Equity of Woodland an Evaluation
  • 4P’S of Marketing a Study in Relation to Narayana Overseas (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Brand Management in Company
  • Study on creativity in Advertising
  • Study on the Effect of Branding in Real Estate Sector on Consumer Purchase Decision Talos Construction
  • Marketing Strategy of ACC Limited
  • Analysis of Sales Promotion & Advertising Strategy
  • Study of Customer Buying Behaviour (MBA Marketing)
  • Advertising Strategy and Effectiveness towards company
  • Study of Branding Strategy of Company (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Consumer Awareness (MBA Marketing)
  • Study of Client Acquisition Strategy of Company
  • Study of Brand Positioning of Coca Cola
  • Study of CRM Implementation in Company (MBA Marketing)
  • Study of Brand Promotion Strategy Zomato & Swiggy
  • Approach Analysis for HPLC Columns and SPE Cartridge Clients
  • Various Factors that Influence Brand Loyalty (MBA Marketing)
  • Marketing Analysis on Product Segmentation in Kyocera Document Solutions
  • Study of Consumer Awareness and Attitude Towards the Recycled Packaging
  • Market Research for Launch of Me Kong Bowl in Hyderabad
  • An Analysis of Effectiveness of Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Impact of Information technology in E-commerce with special reference of Amazon
  • Comparative Study of Marketing Analysis of Urban Clap vs Looks
  • Online Services Viz-a-viz Customer Awareness and Satisfaction in J&K Bank
  • Role of product development in gaining of market share in B2B of construction equipment (Tata Hitachi)
  • Study on Online shopping habits of working Professionals (MBA Marketing)
  • Comparative study on branding strategy of online ordering and delivery platforms of food Industry with reference of Zomato & Swiggy
  • Marketing Research on Recent B2B Healthcare Marketing Trends
  • Factors Affecting the Authenticity in an Ethnic Themed Restaurant on Customer Satisfaction
  • Study on Effectiveness of Employees role in Service Delivery
  • Study of implementing digital marketing strategies for Ed vista consulting to grow the brand.
  • Study of Relationship Marketing KHIVRAJ MOTORS, MARATHALI, BANGALORE
  • Study on Effect of Electronic Advertisement (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Comparative Analysis of Traditional Media to Digital Media News Channel Coverage
  • Study the sales trend and customer satisfaction towards Maruti Suzuki
  • Effectiveness of Social Media as a Marketing Tool in India (MBA Marketing)
  • To study the role of rural women as a partner in development in development process
  • Study on how brand image can be communicated via social media marketing
  •  Customer Satisfaction and Behavior towards Indian Railway
  • Study on Consumer Buying Behavioyr towards Online Food Services
  • An Analysis of Consumer Satisfaction for Snacks of Bingo
  • Marketing Research on Challenges faced by companies in Shifting from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing
  • Analytical Comparison of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing in India
  • Study on M- Commerce (MBA Marketing)
  •  To study the role of rural women as a partner in development process
  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior and Understanding Perception of Different Services
  • To Study the effectiveness of Personal Selling
  • Role of product development in gaining market share (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Comparative Analysis of Pepsi and Coke
  • Study on Consumer Perception towards Entry Level Motorcycle with reference to Honda.
  • A Study on Impact of Social Media Advertisements on Online Purchase Decisions of Consumers
  • Impact of Chinese Products in Indian Market
  • Facebook Advertising, Increase in Customer Acquisition Cost with Increase in Marketing Budget for e-commerce clothing Startups (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Marketing Analysis of Wrist Watches with special reference to Titan
  • Study on consumer preferences towards Parsvnath Developers
  • Study on Marketing and Operations in Nike (MBA Marketing)
  • Analyzing consumer behavior of mobile phone Industry
  • Study on consumer behavior towards mobile phone insurance company
  • Business Development at Future Generali India Insurance Company
  • Analyzing Consumer Behavior regarding two wheelers Industry with reference of Hero Motocorp (MBA Marketing)
  • Marketing Research on Impact of Digitalization on MSME in India
  • Marketing Strategy and Technique Before and After Covid in Healthcare
  • Study on Consumer Preferences towards Internet Lease Line for Market Intelligence & Consulting
  • Study on Market Opportunities for Energy Storage Business for Delta Electronics in India
  • Impact of Covid 19 on offline marketing (MBA Marketing)
  • Consumer Response to Cab Hailing Apps a Perceptual Study with Respect to the Situation in Kolkata
  • Study on Role of Social Media In Marketing with Reference of Voco Dental
  • Marketing Research on Economic Volatility in Indian Airlines Industry
  • Marketing Project on Consumer Perception Towards Electric Cars
  • Perception And Attitude on Digital Payment Among Urban Customers (MBA Marketing)
  • Competition Analysis Between Redbull and Monster Energy Drink
  • A Study to Evaluate Cipla’s Marketing Strategies to Help Achieve Its Vision Statement
  • A Study of Consmer Preferences In Purchase Of Two Wheelers (MBA Marketing)
  • A Study on Role Of Govt. N Controlling The Harmful Effects Of Plastic
  • Comparative Study Of Consumer Awareness Towards Amazon Prime And Netflix
  • Analysis Of the Role Of Outdoor Advertising And Establishing Strategies For Managing Space
  • Study The Effectiveness Of Personal Selling In B2b Industry With Reference Of Pharmaceutical Industry (MBA Marketing)
  • A Study Of Growth In Fmcg Sector With Emphasis On Dabur And Mario
  • A Study On Impact Of Advertisement (Print Ads And Online) On Sales
  • Study On Influence Of Green Marketing On Brand Image For A Business
  • Innovations In Marketing In Electronics And Its Companies (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Market Research on Ayurvedic Toothpaste Brands
  • Study on Revenue of Investment by Lead Generation on Linkedin
  • Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Vmart
  • Marketing Research on Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying at Vmart (MBA Marketing)
  • Comparative Analysis of Retail Marketing & Tracking System of DHL and Fedex
  • Study on Complaint Handling of V-Mart (MBA Marketing)
  • Customer Perception towards Online Retailing – An Empirical Study of V-Mart
  • Marketing 4.0 and Role in Ecommerce Growth for Direct to Customer (D2C) brand
  • Impact of Packaging on Retailers and Consumers (MBA Marketing)
  • Marketing Research on Online Grocery Delivery Services
  • Study on the Relationship Between Strategic Planning and Crisis Management (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Effect of Promotional Tools in Marketing New Products in Food and Beverage Industry
  • Study on Future of Plastic Product and Marketing Strategic
  • Impact of Social Media Marketing on Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management in Marketing Management (MBA Marketing)
  • Perception of Educational Institutions towards Educian School Management Software
  • Study on Sales of Ather Electric Scooter What’s the Sales Now and Analysis of Future Sales 
  • Analysis of Branding a Trend for Today and Tomorrow with reference of Hindustan Unilever Limited
  • Advertising Management and Media Efficiency – A Comparative Analysis of Nike, Bata and Puma
  • Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty in Smartphones Industry in India (MBA Marketing)
  • Impact of Smart Wearable Devices among College Going Students
  • Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Effectiveness of Crompton Greaves fans
  • Network Marketing of Tupperware Products and With Reference To Women Empowerment (MBA Marketing)
  • Advertising Management and Media Efficiency – A Comparative Analysis of Nike, Bata and Puma
  • Study to Identify the Major Online Promotional Tool Influencing the Consumer Behavior for FMCD Goods in India
  • Impact of Technology on Consumer Buying Behaviour of Electronic Goods in Bengaluru (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on effects of pricing strategies on consumer behavior and brand image in the construction equipment industry
  • Study on Impact of Advertising on Consumer Brand Preferences Towards Carbonated Drinks A Study of Tricity
  • Understanding the Adoption of Bike Sharing System in India (MBA Marketing)
  • Study On Consumer Behaviour and Perception towards Fast Food Industry
  • Role of CRM Software in the Improvement of Lead Management System in Healthcare Industry
  • Study on Impact of social media on Teenagers buying Behaviour in Women Fashion Industry, Hyderabad (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Effectiveness of Sales Promotion Techniques on Purchase Decision
  • SEO analysis of select universities websites in Bangalore
  • Behavioural Finance and Investment Decision during Covid-19 – Evidence from India
  • A Study on Virat Kohli and Anushka As A Couple Celebrity Endorsement And Its Impact On Consumer Buying Behavior In Mumbai City(MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Safety Products in India(MBA Marketing)
  • Study on After Sale Services of Automobile Industry
  • Effect of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Guwahati City
  • B2B Marketing & sales strategies for a technology software company offering chatboats 
  • Study on Impact of Customer Review on Online Purchase Decision
  • Study on Impact of Customer Relationship Management in Retail Industry (MBA Marketing)
  • Study of Consumer awareness towards DOL Motor Starter & its impact on buying behavior with reference of L&T
  • Study of Factor Influencing Customer Purchase Decision of TATA Hatchback Cars
  • Study of Consumer Preferences in Purchase of Two Wheelers, with reference of Bajaj Automobile
  • How to increase sales force in a start up organization (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Tea Packaging and Influence on Customers
  • Study about Creating a team and its benefits with special reference to Vodafone
  • Study on impact of social media and content marketing on social media users
  • Comparative Analysis of Consumer Perception towards Ola and Uber
  • Consumer Preference Towards Job Portal Services (MBA Marketing)
  • Comparative Analysis of Colgate and Pepsodent
  • Study on The Consumer Online Buying Behaviour towards Groceries During Covid-19
  • Study On Impact Of Advertising On Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Amazon In Delhi City
  • Study on Consumer Awareness and Preferences towards Soya Chaap with reference of Vezley Foods (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Brand Preference at Karnataka Hardware and Paints, Bangalore
  • Study on Impact of Brand Promotion on Market Performance with reference of Zomato
  • Study on Impact of Covid-19 on Various Sectors of Indian Economy
  • Impact Of Covid-19 On Business Of E-Commerce With Reference To Amazon
  • Project Role of Promotional Mix in Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Mobile
  • Unavailability Of Technology In Home Based Business
  • Comparative Study on Consumer Perception & Satisfaction Between Big Basket and Grofers.
  • An exploratory Study of Customers and Pharmacists Attitude towards Acceptance of Jan Aushadhi
  • Importance Of Feedback from Customers (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on Adaptation of Green Building using Theory of Planned Behaviour to Consumers in India (MBA Marketing)
  • Study Of Customer Satisfaction Towards Yamaha Motors
  • Study on Analysing the Success Story of Maruti Alto 800 in Bangalore City
  • Study on Marketing Segmentation, Positioning and Value Proposition
  • General Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards After Sales Service with Special reference to Shubh Honda, Raipur (MBA Marketing)
  • Marketing Research For New Product Launch Cisatracurium
  • A Comprehensive Study of Marketing Communication effect on Consumers
  • Study On Impact Of Digital Boom On Consumer (MBA Marketing)
  • Study on How Digital Boom has changed the business’ perspective about Marketing
  • Comparative Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Colgate And Pepsodent
  • Study Of Customer Perception Towards Solar Rooftop
  • Customer Satisfaction on Mobile Postpaid Connection at Bharti Airtel Limited
  • Study of Business Development Strategy with reference to Byjus (MBA Marketing)
  • Issues And Challenges In Digital Marketing Post Covid 19 In Jw Marriott Hotel Bangalore
  •  Wipro Decision Making Strategies in Wipro New Delhi Institute of Management.
  • Women In Relation to Cosmetics Buying Behavior of Indian Women in Relation to Cosmetics

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